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Current water quality data


This map uses the latest data from monitoring stations across the Fitzroy Basin.

Electrical conductivity

Electrical conductivity (EC) is one way of measuring water quality, and is commonly used as a surrogate for a range of materials dissolved in water. There are other elements that provide a more detailed quality indicator of water, as per the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. It is important to remember that the EC data collected by NRM and displayed here is the quality of raw water. That is, water is treated before it goes into the town water supply.

Queensland Health recommends drinking only appropriately treated water throughout Queensland, including in the Fitzroy catchment. Untreated water from creeks and rivers should not be used for human consumption.

Aesthetic quality 

Data from monitoring sites within the Fitzroy Basin are averaged over the past seven days and compared to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines for palatability. Aesthetic values of drinking water include taste and odour, corrosion, and stains on washing. This is indicated according to the following guideline:

Total Dissolved Solids

Electrical conductivity


<600 mg/L

EC <940 µS/cm

Good quality Good 

600-900 mg/L

EC 940-1400 µS/cm

Fair quality Fair 

900-1200 mg/L

EC 1400-1875 µS/cm

Poor quality Poor 

>1200 mg/L

EC >1875 µS/cm

Unacceptable quality Unacceptable 


Last updated
30 October 2013